NGO Center “Dobrochyn” has been working since 1998.

The mission of organization is to assist in developing open democratic society by means of human rights protection and assistance of its realization in all spheres of social life; development of civil initiatives; assistance to Euro integration process.

The main objectives of activity are:

  • Strengthening the capacity of the civil society sector;
  • Formation of young citizens as a healthy, socially independent, ecologically consciousness, socially active generation;
  • Development and support of local communities;
  • Protection of human rights and freedoms;
  • Assistance in transparency and accountability of governance activity.

Center “Dobrochyn” is a stable organization that brings together the regional initiatives and organizations, recognized at national and international levels, able to achieve democratic and social changes in the short and long perspective.

Organization implements the following three Programs. Each program consists of different projects, which assist achieving goals of programs.

  • “Good Governance“

Organization implements the projects in collaboration with local self-government, state administrations and NGOs. The aims of such project are increasing the competency of representatives of local self-government and state administrations; strengthening the NGOs’ capacity; improving the life of people.

For 10 years our organization has been working as an independent information, educational and research Centre which has possibility to influence the public policy in region through conducting of independent researches of wide spectrum sociopolitical problems, forecasting of development tendencies of political and economic systems and application of research results in practice.

  • “Local Communities & Civil Society”

Citizens’ involvement is crucial for creation a sustainable programs and development of territories.  For 7 years already our organization provides support to local initiative groups and NGOs to solve the urgent issues of local communities in such spheres as access to information, human rights protection, upgrading the territories and educational projects.

  •  “Human rights protection”

Human rights and freedoms protection is one of the basic directions of activity of non-governmental organization “Dobrochyn” Centre. Consolidating theoretical and practical levels, the organization has been working in direction of human rights protection more than 10 years. “Dobrochyn” conducts the appropriate researches, trainings on human rights, provides legal counselling and the legal aids.

Organization’s activity in quantities:

  • 45 publications on topics of human rights observance, international and domestic legislation, basis of local self-government, analytical reports
  • 20 TV and 15 radio programs
  • more than 7 800 free legal consultations to socially unprotected people
  • more than 700 citizens got free advocate services
  • 17 NGOs and initiative groups were supported financially.

These activity leads to qualitative changes:

  • Youth from rural areas of Chernihiv region strengthened their capacity to be a leader and develop the open civil society. Spread of e-learning among the youth.
  • Adoption of Regulations “On Self-Organizing Bodies” as new form of cooperation between public authorities and public sector in 5 towns of Chernihiv region.
  • Territorial communities were directly involved to decision making process.
  • Local communities are becoming more active in taking the initiative to solve the actual issues of community – kindergarten and school were repaired in Gorodnya.
  • Deputies of local city councils comprehend the needs to be open to public – placement of information on special web-site – tool for communication.
  • Pilot cities have joined the Covenant of Mayors. Currently, local authorities develop Sustainable Energy Action Plans. Improved sustainable energy planning.

Representatives of our organization are the members of Community Council at the Chernihiv state regional administration and Community Council at the Ministry of Justice.

Number of organization’s members is 41 persons and number of employees is 8 persons.

“Dobrochyn” Center has great creative potential, because it unites true specialists and involve to collaboration NGOs, educational institutions, government bodies and business structures. It enables effective realization of initiatives and projects and act to the benefits of citizens.