Achievements of the organization for 15 years:

Quantitative results:

  • 49 printed publications on compliance of human rights, the bases of local self government, analytical reports
  • 24 broadcasts and 19 radio programs
  • held over 8,030 free legal consultations for socially vulnerable people
  • more than 650 citizens received free legal counsel
  • the activities of 19 NGOs and initiative groups have been supported financially through mini-grants competitions.

Qualitative results:

  • Youth of Chernihiv and Sumy regions took an active and conscious part in the presidential elections, 2014
  • Youth has strengthened the capacity to lead and develop civil society. The spread of e-learning among young people. 80 people completed training courses in advocacy, conflict resolution, community development.
  • All stakeholders (local communities, NGOs, local and state authorities) understand the necessity to have a common vision on existing problems (eg, developed Sustainable Energy Plans in 4 cities).
  • Acceptance of Terms “on the BSP” as a new form of cooperation between public authorities and the communities in 5 cities of Chernihiv region. Territorial communities directly involved in decision-making.
  • Creation of the center of administrative services, and monitoring activities.
  • Enhancing communication between local authorities and communities. Employees of administrations and local authorities stepped up their ability to use new media in their work.