The organization implements projects in cooperation with local governments, district, regional administrations and civil society institutions. The purpose of these projects is to increase the competence of the executive and local governments; to strength the capacity of the private sector and to improve the quality of life.

Center “Dobrochyn” also works as an independent informational, educational and research center, which affects the development of public policy in the region by conducting independent investigations of a wide range of socio-political problems, forecasting trends of political and economic systems of society and implementation of research results into practice.

Our activity:

  • “Sustainable energy planning: international cooperation and experience on the way to the Covenant of Mayors” – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania
  • “Increasing the effectiveness of the centers of administrative services in Chernihiv through public monitoring and lobbying proposals” – International Renaissance Foundation
  • “The Estonian experience of housing associations and model of housing cooperative” – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia
  • “Quality organization of educational process in Horodnya” – International Fund “Renaissance”
  • “Educating road users – Estonian experience for Ukraine” – Estonian Foreign Ministry
  • “The Estonian experience in solving energy problems for the local Ukrainian community” – Estonian Foreign Ministry
  • “MPs for the community” – EEF
  • “European governments  experience through Lithuanian one” – Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine
  • “For a transparent budget process” – International Fund “Renaissance”
  • “Increasing the professional level of employees of criminal police of Chernihiv region taking as example Estonian Police” – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia
  • “Entrepreneurship Development Fund” – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland
  • “Customs approves» – USAID
  • “The control work for voters – examination for deputies” – UCAN – USAID
  • “Friendly border” – the Open Society Institute
  • “The transparency of use of public funds, the tender committee of medical institutions in Chernihiv – International Fund “Renaissance”