Center Dobrochyn is actively working on strengthening of public control over the authorities and activation of citizens in decision-making; protects human rights and freedoms.

Exactly for this purpose, in particular, we have created this site.

If you want to support the work of organization, you can make voluntary donation:


Recipient: NGO “Center Dobrochyn”

Payment purpose: “Voluntary donation for statutory activity of the organization”.

Details: 25786504 USREOU, y / y number 260040176654, a branch of JSC “Ukreximbank” in Chernigov, MFO 353649.

You can personally contribute to the implementation of the projects of the organization.

More on this can be found by calling (0462) 67 7181 , sending mail on or visit our office at city Chernihiv, str. Zhabynskoho 13/42.

We express our deep appreciation for the assistance in program activities and strengthening the institutional capacity of the Centre Dobrochyn.