Rational management of public funds for the benefit of the community

A coalition of NGOs launched the project “For transparent and social budget” and invites all interested

Press announcement. Presentation of coalition project

November 11, 2015 at 11.00 in discussion club “Expert opinion” at ul. Polubotko, 6a, the presentation

Ukrainian agribusiness under the watchful eye of European experts

A delegation of representatives of agribusiness from Chernigov was in the Republic of Estonia from 13

“Where money is the hidden?” – Community activists will monitor local budgets

Social activists from Chernihiv region improved their awareness of the budgetary process and strengthened capacity to

Set on training

NGO Center “Dobrochyn” invites executives, managers and other representatives of NGOs and initiative groups to participate

Opportunities of Budget regulations for citizens and deputies

Members of the public, local authorities and MPs Chernihiv City Council discussed the opportunities and potential

Benefits of adoption of the Budget Regulations

NGO Center “Dobrochyn” invites Chernihiv City Council deputies, experts, leaders of initiative groups and NGOs, political