Chernihiv journalists become experts in budget processes

Journalists  from Chernihiv region have learned the basics of the budget process using interactive technologies at the training

Experience of successful implementation of Estonian technologies for Ukrainian dairy industry

A group of experts from the University of Natural Sciences of the Republic of Estonia was

Information about changes in the system of government procurement

Experts from Chernihiv Center for Human Rights described the results of the project “Public control and

Discussion of the Budget Regulations

Meeting of budget commission of Nijin city council passed 9 December 2015. Among the issues on

Recommendation. Improving the public procurement system

Experts of Chernihiv Center for Human Rights presented the final document to be discussed on the

Recommendations for improving the procedure of state procurement

Recommendations for improving of the public procurement procedures in the Office of Education in Chernihiv City

Announcement. Final Press Conference

December 10, 2015 at 14.00 a final press conference of the project “Public control and the

Community of Nizhin will have an opportunity to form the budget

The Centre “Dobrochyn” presented a project about the Budget Regulations  for discussion at the roundtable, which took

Announcement. Informational meeting “Improvement of public procurement”

Meeting “Improving the public procurement system” was held on December 8, 2015. Experts of Chernihiv Center

Citizens control and make conclusions

Analytical Report based on the results of monitoring public procurement in Education was presented on December 3