Name Year Author
1. International law on local self-government (Democratic Dialogue Series) 2002 W. Proshko
2. Election of MPs and the status of the local council and mayor (Democratic Dialogue Series) 2002 N. Deykun
3. The system of human rights protection in Ukraine (Democratic Dialogue Series) 2002 M. Bardin
4.  A local referendum. Guarantees of Local Government (Democratic Dialogue Series) 2002 A. Borzak
5. The legal basis for local government (Democratic Dialogue Series) 2002 О. Demchenko
6. Responsibility of officials of local government (Democratic Dialogue Series) 2002 О. Demchenko
7. Respect of human rights in the election of a preventive measure in the context of internal and international law in 2003 Yaroshenko M.P., Demchenko О.V.
8. BSPs. Myth or reality? 2004 Proshko V.J.
9. Drawing up a business plan. Alphabet of young entrepreneurs 2004 N. Drozd, О. Koroyid
10. Appeals to the courts for protection of their rights (series “Protect Yourself”) 2004 Demchenko О.V.
11. International legal instruments for protecting human rights and freedoms (Series “Protect yourself”) 2004 Nehodchenko O.M., Bashtannyk V.V.
12. Human rights during detention, arrest, search (series “Protect Yourself”) 2004 Sergei Potapenko
13. Youth – international and national law (the series “Protect Yourself”) 2004 Koroyid О.М.
14.  Corruption and opportunities to overcome it (Series “Protect yourself”) 2004 Bashtannyk  V.V.
15. The rights and freedoms of the Interior (series “Protect Yourself”) 2004 Kulida V.О.
16.  Human rights and freedoms 2005 Bashtannyk V.V., Pidgornyi O.V.
17. European legal instruments for protection of human rights 2005 Bashtannyk V.V., Pidhornyi O.V.
18. Observance of human rights by law enforcement officers Proposals NGO (existing guidelines) 2005 Editors: Pidhornyi O.V., Drozd N.O.
19. Know your rights 2005 —————–
20. The collection of documents for effective tender concerning public procurement 2005 ——————–
21. Practical aspects of the activity of human rights organization concerning protection of rights of detainees 2006 Compiled by: О. Koroyid
22. The right to choose political parties and electoral blocs 2006 Compiled by: О. Koroyid
23.  Important aspects of human rights in Ukraine 2007 Compiled by: О. Pidhornyi
24. Know your rights – 2 2008 Compiled by: О. Pidhornyi
25. How civil society can contribute to good governance 2009 Authors: N. Drozd, O. Koroyid, S. Nesterenko, O. Pidhornyi
26. Be visible on the road – use reflective sign! 2013 N. Drozd, O. Pidhornyi
27. REPORT on status of human rights compliance by law enforcement officers, Chernihiv 2005 Editor: O.V. Pidhornyi, Analysts: О.М. Koroyid, N.О. Drozd
28. Analytical Report. Compliance of human rights when crossing the state border of Ukraine 2005 Analytical group: О.М. Koroyid, N.О. Drozd, O.V. Pidhornyi
29. Analytical Report. Monitoring of compliance of human rights in law enforcement agencies in Chernihiv region 2006 Compiled by: О. Koroyid

Analytical group: N. Drozd, О. Pidhornyi, S. Nesterenko, M. Ovsyannyk

30. Analytical Report. Monitoring of human rights compliance in prison 2006 Compiled by: О. Koroyid
31. Indicators of democracy in police in Chernihiv 2006 Compiled by: N. Drozd
32. Analytical report based on research on the types and levels of corruption in the customs control passing 2007 Compiled by: О. Koroyid Analytical group: О. Pidhornyi, S. Nesterenko, M. Ovsyannyk
33. Analytical report based on research on performance and reporting by deputies  of Chernihiv City Council 2007 Compiled by: О.Koroyid, N. Drozd
34.  Analytical Report. Monitoring of compliance of human rights in law enforcement agencies in Chernihiv region (Watchdog activity) 2007 Analytical group: О. Pidhornyi, О.Koroyid, N. Drozd
35. Analytical report on the monitoring of the municipal budget (part of the “Health”) 2009 Analytical group: О. Pidhornyi, О.Koroyid
36. Implementation of legal approaches and ensuring respect for human rights among injecting drug users and people living with HIV / AIDS 2009 Analytical group: О. Pidhornyi, N. Drozd, A. Moiseenko

Reviewer: O. Demchenko

37. Analytical Report. Filling the revenue side of the budget in Chernihiv 2009 Expert Group: V. Bystrov, N. Drozd, O. Lysenko , O. Pidhornyi
38. Analytical Report. “Deputies – to the community» 2012 Authors: N. Drozd, O. Koroyid, O. Pidhornyi, O. Stelmach
39. Analytical report on research on levels of access to justice for persons with disabilities in the context of the Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons 2013 N. Drozd, O. Koroyid, O. Pidhornyi
40. Analytical Report. Monitoring and  assessment of performance of centers providing administrative services of the city of Chernihiv region, TSNAP of Priluki and administration of Gorodnya 2014 Expert group: O. Pidhornyi, S. Nesterenko, O. Koroyid
41.  Human rights observance in law enforcement agencies (Watchdog activity) 2006 Compiled by: О.Koroyid
42. Materials of roundtable on Nov. 1, 2007 (“Customs approves”) 2007 Compiled by: N. Drozd
43. Prompt for member of the election commission. The rights, duties, responsibilities 2004 ———–
44.  YOUR RIGHTS. The detention, arrest, search 2005 ————–
45.  YOUR RIGHTS. The detention, arrest, search (new) 2005 —————
46. Public examination – new opportunities for cooperation 2010 —————
47. Wear reflective sign – become visible on the road! 2011 —————
48. “Be visible in the dark!” 2011 —————-
49. Watch yourself! And be noticeable to others! 2012 —————–